Vinyl fences are a great option for homeowners who want a durable and low maintenance fence. They’re also known as synthetic fences and are made of plastics that have been recycled. Some are even made of composites of two or more plastics for added strength and UV stability. There are many benefits to this type of fence, so it’s important to choose it carefully.

Vinyl fences also won’t fade or crack over time, unlike wood. This is because they contain a chemical formulation similar to sunscreen that helps them reflect UV rays and keep their colors from fading over time. They also contain titanium dioxide, which helps prevent damage from ultraviolet rays. Vinyl materials will expand and contract with changes in temperature, so a fence professional must allow for this expansion and contraction when installing them.

While vinyl fences don’t break easily with proper installation and normal use, they can break when struck by a vehicle or suffered high impacts. Also, lawn equipment can damage PVC products, so use caution around posts and fences. Commercial trimmers can be especially aggressive and could damage the fence. If you’re considering a vinyl fence, be sure to research the materials used to make them before you buy one.

Vinyl fences are not cheap. The average price of a vinyl fence varies depending on its height and size. The cost will also depend on the cost of materials and labor. Adding post caps and gates can also increase the price. Another factor affecting cost is the thickness of the fence. The cheaper vinyl fences are often made of a thin material that is easily damaged. In contrast, thicker fences are less likely to need maintenance.

Apart from being low maintenance, vinyl fences look great. Unlike wooden fences, they won’t rot or warp over time. Plus, they’re easy to clean and don’t attract any insects. This makes them ideal for families with pets and small children. In addition to this, the fences won’t have sharp edges that may hurt them or cause splinters.

Vinyl fences can be made to look great, and can be installed to complement the rest of your property. There are a variety of styles available, including privacy fences and traditional picket fences. They’re also available in several traditional colors, and some manufacturers offer options with simulated wood grain and decorative post caps. You can even buy a set without a top rail to add to the aesthetic appeal. And vinyl fences can be painted with various colors and styles.

Another benefit of vinyl fencing is that it doesn’t require any additional sealants. Unlike wooden fences, which need pressure or chemical treatment and preservation, vinyl doesn’t need these measures. As a result, it looks as good as new for a longer time. Additionally, it won’t degrade as fast as wooden ones.

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